Top Mountain Destinations around the world to explore

The desire for adventure and discovering new places runs through our blood, and what is better than a mountain destination where you can fulfill all your daring dreams? Destinations which are like no other, places that are too breathtakingly beautiful that it can make you shiver, nature’s gems that you have to travel to at least once in your lifetime. The world is full of these places – they do not offer you the same monotonous activities, but instead, what they offer is much more than that. From incredible mountain ranges to the lakes in the surrounding to the lush green towns, these kinds of destinations should definitely be on our bucket list, especially if we want to relax away from the bustling crowds. And we all need that, don’t we? We have been going through a lot of challenges since the COVID-19 has started. We still cannot travel much, but at least we can plan to visit any of these destinations once it is all over – we hope soon. So let’s get started and see the list of 9 most beautiful mountain destinations you can escape to:

1. Germany

Germany is a mountain wonderland. Not only that, you’ll find castles and many ancient landmarks here that will surprise you any time of the year. But in winter, Germany looks no less than a fairytale with mountains covered in snow and towns all lit up, offering a plethora of adventurous activities such as gondola rides and skiing. Germany is home to some of the best mountain destinations in the world. One of them is Zugspitze Mountain – the country’s tallest mountain that also has a ski resort. This destination is home to 3 glaciers and is most popular among visitors who want to climb mountains, but there are plenty of other things to enjoy here as well, such as snowshoeing and hiking.

Another incredible destination is Baden-Baden – which sits against the Black Forest. Though the town is great to visit all year round, it is ideal for visiting in the winter season when snow transforms the forest into a winter wonderland. Then there is the Garmisch-Partenkirchen – home to mountains, traditional timber houses, and plenty of cute hotels to stay in, and of course, cafes to stop by for coffee and chocolate cake. The mountain resorts in Germany are plenty and all-inclusive. Some of the popular names are Reindl’s Partenkirchener Hof, Hotel InterContinental Berchtesgaden and Reindl’sPartenkirchener Hof.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly a quintessential Alpine country, located right in the middle of magnificent mountain ranges. It has the surreal largest glaciers and most of the highest peaks in Europe, which are more than 4000 meters high, surrounded by numerous lakes and villages with beautiful medieval neighborhoods. Switzerland, as we all have seen in movies, is incredibly picturesque. Although it is considered a luxury destination, travelers can also visit it on a budget!

Although Switzerland is famous for a lot of things, the Swiss Alps tops the list. One of the recommended mountain destinations in the country is Engelberg. It is a little-known and quiet resort with the most gorgeous views and some of the best ski slopes and in the entire country. In the winter, it is a busy ski destination, but this bustling little town has a lot to offer throughout the year. There are many hiking trails to suit beginners and expert mountaineers. Those who don’t wish to hike up the mountains here can simply walk around and smell the alpine flowers and feel the fresh breeze – all make it an ideal place not only to relax but also to reconnect with nature. Hotel Espen and TITLIS Resort are some of the best places to stay here. Other equally beautiful mountain destinations in Switzerland include Lucerne – a car-free town, St. Moritz, Swiss National Park, and the Zermatt.

3. Austria

Austria continues to rank as one of the best mountain destinations in entire Europe, and there is no doubt why. Despite the fact that many people come to Austria to visit its capital Vienna, the country is very versatile and is a heaven for nature lovers. Austria also stands out among its neighboring countries for having some of the most picturesque villages at the foot of mountains, such as Gmunden, Hallstatt, and Zell am See – truly the postcards towns. Don’t believe us? Visit yourself, and you’ll know. Most of the Austrian mountains belong to the Austrian Alps. The highest peak among them is the Grossglockner, which in addition to being famous for its altitude, is also noted well around the globe for the glacier that complements it. There Grossglockner High Alpine Road provides a great opportunity to those who love driving long roads with breathtaking landscapes.

Another notable town in Austria is Innsbruck that provides visitors with stunning mountain views and various winter sports opportunities. The town is also known for its ski resorts that attract visitors from across the world. You can ride cable cars to the high snow-peaked mountains, climb the town tower for panoramic views or visit a ski jump. The village just sits at the feet of mountains, so there are plenty of accommodations and eating options available to the visitors.

4. Canada

As we all already know that Canada is a world-famous country not only for its picturesque lakes, snow, and exotic wildlife but also the mountain destinations. You’ll find mighty peaks at every corner of Canada. While some are easily accessible, others can only be seen from far away. There are plenty of places to visit in Canada if you want a combination of lakes and mountains. Firstly, there is this most prominent Banff, considered the most important town in Banff National Park, a natural wonder located in the famous Rocky Mountains of Canada. The town will surely amaze you with the gorgeous mountainous landscapes that surround it. You can hike, go camping or simply relax and enjoy the views of your surroundings and capture the moments. There are many places you can stay near Banff, such as Banff In, Fairmont Banff Springs, and Samesun Banff.

Another most sought-after destination is Whistler. World-class skiers often visit the slopes of this well-known resort town mainly in the winter season, but Whistler is also a destination for cyclists, hikers, and all the thrill-seekers in the summer. Located at around two hours drive north of Vancouver, the city has everything from gondola rides to rafting and bungee jumping, plus several biking and hiking trails. Last but not least is Lake Louise – located amidst the Rocky Mountains. You can stay in the Lake Louise Inn and wake up to the spectacular sight of peaks with a blue-colored lake.  

5. Norway

Norway is one of the destinations in Europe with extraordinary nature, and the best part is, most of the spots are undiscovered. If you wish to spend some time alone in nature with not many tourists, then Norway is an ideal spot for you. This country is truly a gem when it comes to mountains and nature, but it has a fairly extreme climate (it is advisable to wear thermal clothing in Norway), but one that promises excellent adventures to visitors of all ages.

You’ll be surprised at Norway’s beauty at every corner you visit in the country, but there are some places exclusively for those who want a truly epic mountains trip. Reine is one such small town that is quite popular among tourists for its scenic landscape, beaches, and Northern Lights. And don’t you worry about finding a place there, there are many hotels to stay in. Another unbelievable yet unique place to visit in Norway is Longyearbyen. The town’s ground is frozen all year round, making it ideal for those who like snowy weather. As there is no sunlight in the city for about four months every year, making it suitable for Northern Lights that you can spot easily. Here, do not miss eating out at Hust, the world’s northernmost restaurant. Other worth-visiting mountain destinations in Norway include Geiranger, Narvik, Harstad, and Undredal.

6. Pakistan

Don’t go with what the media tells you about this breathtaking country called “Pakistan”. The country is not only home to the friendliest people you’ll never find elsewhere, but also many picturesque places. Every year, thousands of people travel to Pakistan from across the world to explore its northern gems. There are Naran and Kaghan – home to some of the most beautiful mountains, lakes, and towns. Then there is Shogran – a small town that looks like a winter wonderland in December and January. If you travel further down, there is this small valley called Kalam – a town surrounded by snow-peaked mountains, forests, and lakes.

On the other hand, there is Gilgit Baltistan – a province widely famous for its natural beauty, homegrown fruits and nuts, and of course, its kind people who’d happily invite you over for lunch or dinner. There are many spots to visit in Gilgit Baltistan, such as Passu Cones, Khunjerab Pass (the highest border between Hunza and Xinjiang in China). Another most interesting sight is Attabad Lake, surrounded by mighty peaks. This lake was formed as a result of a landslide that occurred in 2010. There are many mountainous valleys that you’ll find in this region. Another worth mentioning place is Skardu that is home to Deosai Plains – the second-highest plateaus in the world and Cold Dessert.

If you are into hiking, you must take the route of Fairy Meadows that takes you to the base camp sites of Nanga Parbat – the 9th highest mountain in the world. Another option is trekking to the base camp of K2 – the second highest in the world. Staying in Northern Pakistan is not an issue since there are many luxury and budget hotels in all the areas. Some people even offer homestays especially in Gilgit Baltistan region. 

7. Alaska

With dreamlike landscapes, gigantic glaciers, and exotic wildlife, there is no place like Alaska. If we talk about nature, mountains, valleys, these things are abundant in the country. You’ll find a wide variety of activities here in Alaska, from intermediate to extreme. Whatever you wish to do amidst nature, Alaska has it all! If we talk about where you can go to in Alaska where you can explore mountains, wildlife, all in one place, then you must visit Denali National Park and Preserve. The park is home to Mount McKinley – the highest peak in the United States. The recommended way to explore the park is through a guided tour on a bus. It will help you a lot if you learn in advance how you should behave when you come across a black bear or a grizzly bear.

Another famous town in Alaska is Seward that is nestled amidst the mountains of perpetual snow and direct contact with the sea. The town is renowned for kayak experiences as you get to spot whales jumping and diving around you. Anchorage is also a must-visit place in Alaska, with most inhabitants in the entire region. The town offers all – nature, fun, party, good food and more. No matter where you go in Alaska, there are hotels in every corner – only rare places where there is nothing to stay in due to some known reasons.

8. Italy

Italy is a magnificent mountain summer destination with its spectacular landscapes, pretty villages, and colorful culture. If you are looking for some Instagram-worthy views, scrumptious food, fresh breeze, and a lot of peace, then Italy is an ideal mountain destination for your next trip! The topmost town that you must visit in Italy is Trentino – bordering Switzerland and Austria. The town offers a vibrant mix of Italian and Alpine traditions in the Dolomites. The towering formation of mountains forms a dramatic backdrop. While the town is ideal for summer trips, it’s also a fantastic skiing spot in the winter months. During the summer season, you can enjoy hiking and climbing along the Alpine villages.

If you want to stay in a ski resort town, head off to Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Veneto region, just a two-hour drive from Venice. The town is known as the “mecca of winter sports” since the 1930s. When not skiing, people come here to enjoy climbing, cycling, and simply walking across the colorful towns and mountain views. Other must-visit attractions include Breuil Cervinia, Val Gardena – Alta Badia, and Livigno.

9. New Zealand

If you call New Zealand adrenaline heaven, that would not be wrong. The country is famous for the most daring and extraordinary things it offers to visitors. From bungee jumping to jet boating to a helicopter ride to the snowy mountains to the cruise tours into the Fjords, New Zealand has it all. An interesting fact is that jet boat rides and bungee jumping were invented in New Zealand. If you are not into extreme activities, there are many mountain bike and cycling routes with spectacular routes you can take.

One of the most beautiful mountain towns of New Zealand is Queenstown. The town is famous for gondola rides that offer you sweeping views of Lake Wakatipu. Make it to the top, and you’ll be blown away by the landscapes and enjoy a lunch or buffet dinner at the restaurant situated on the cliff.

If you are keen on taking a day trip to the 8th wonder of the world, then take a guided bus tour to Milford Sound. A scenic bus ride will take you to the cruise, and from there, you’ll spend about 2 to 3 hours on the water amidst the mighty mountains with waterfalls flowing from them, all hidden in the fog. You may spot some seals and birds on the way.

If budget is not an issue, we recommend taking a ride to the Fox Glacier in New Zealand on a helicopter. The breathtaking glacier and surrounding peaks will keep your cameras busy as the views are too stunning to miss! The helicopter ride will allow you to stand on the glacier and walk around as well. There are many other options for helicopter rides. Make sure to check with the company beforehand as most of the tours are canceled last minute due to extreme weather conditions up in the mountains.

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